MitarbeiterHagen Molzer

Hagen Molzer

Hagen Molzer, born 1987, started his professional career in 2011 when he completed his training as an IT specialist. During the first one and a half years as a technician in this company, he mainly dealt with the installation, suppression and administration of network environments at small and medium-sized companies.

As the company grew further, Hagen Molzer took over the responsibility for the newly created network team at the end of the year 2012. He expanded the team over the course of the next three years in an organizational and technical way as well as personnel-wise. During this time, he managed several projects in the network environment such as the migration of an existing monitoring solution to the product PRTG, the transition of a large part of the customer environments to Cisco ASA firewalls and various reconstructions of LAN/WAN environments. In 2016 he was appointed IT security officer. Since then he has been responsible for the introduction of and compliance with security-relevant processes and standards. He also raised the employees’ security awareness through trainings and he reported security incidents to the management.
With his transition to a specialist of network and security solutions in early 2017, he was able to gain experience in the administration of further products, such as the Cisco Identity Services Engine, Microsoft Certificate Authority and the implementation of NAC via 802.1X.

Hagen Molzer has been working as a consultant at cirosec GmbH since August 2017.
His field of activities includes security assessments and penetration tests of web applications as well as the creation and review of security concepts.
Moreover, he is a trainer of the “Hacking and Hardening of Windows Systems” and “Windows 10 Security in Enterprises” cirosec trainings.