We offer our customers high-level technical consulting and trainings.  

Our employees frequently engage in research projects to live up to the high standard. 

cirosec consultants analyze the latest topics, methods and tools in interesting  information security areas and prepare them in this context. The results of these activities contribute, for example, to projects, lectures at conferences, market overviews and articles for technical journals. 

Below you can find a list with recent examples of our research projects: 

  • Analysis of the security of CODESYS-based industrial control systems
  • Analysis of the security of Siemens LOGO! controllers
  • BACnet security – smart home/smart building vulnerabilities
  • Vulnerability analysis of a session border controller for VoIP connection of enterprises
  • Security analysis of various fingerprint readers
  • Runtime Application Self-Protection (RASP) - tools and effectiveness
  • Security of recent Android versions
  • Windows 10 security
  • Parental control apps for smartphones
  • Analysis of password manager apps
  • Application protection on Linux host systems
  • Ability to bypass modern endpoint security solutions
  • Threat intelligence
  • Modern tools for SOCs and CERTs
  • Analysis of smart alarm systems
  • IoT security
  • Comparison of current security features in the Linux kernel
  • Docker security
  • Office 365 security
  • Development of guidelines for security analyses in small and medium-sized companies