Secure Email Communication with cirosecSecure Email Communication with cirosec

Secure Email Communication with cirosec

Email communication is an essential part of today’s business collaboration. Confidential information exchanged via email should be protected. To do so, we offer you different options when communicating with cirosec.

CA Certificates and PGP Signing CA
Below you can find both the cirosec issuing certificates for secure S/MIME communication and the PGP key of the cirosec PGP signing CA including fingerprints.

  • PGP Signing CA

    cirosec Signer CA
    Fingerprint: DC49 FCAF 5236 BA5C C6EF 91DA 0990 3C63 02FE DCCD

Certificate Revocation Lists (CRL)
Below you can find the cirosec CRLs that your S/MIME-enabled email client or your gateway possibly accesses during operation.

Moreover, the respective CRL’s URL is noted in each certificate issued.

Publication of S/MIME Certificates and PGP Keys
To make the use of secure email with cirosec easier for you, we have published the relevant key information at On this website, you can search for email addresses of cirosec employees and download the relevant keys.

Contact and Further Information
If you have any questions on or problems with secure email communication, please contact us at