Incident Response and ForensicsIncident Response and Forensics

Incident Response and Forensics

Most organizations have difficulties with assessing potential computer crime incidents in their own company since the technical as well as the organizational and legal framework is far from trivial. 
Whether they deal with external attacks or insiders, the people in charge often realize shortly afterwards that they have made mistakes. Oftentimes, important traces are destroyed, or traces cannot be used in court because mistakes have been made during the process of detection. 
We support you in all aspects of handling security incidents. Our services range from immediate measures, securing evidence, analysis of how the crime was committed up to conducting and preparing forensics analysis that will stand up in court. 

We also help you in defining and implementing processes and guidelines so that procedures and responsibilities are clear if an incident occurs. Additionally, we can advise you on selecting suitable tools and provide them to you.  

With our training “Forensics Extreme”, we offer an extensive advanced training in the incident response and IT forensics field. For more information, please click here.