Audits and Penetration TestsAudits and Penetration Tests

Audits and Penetration Tests

We have long-standing experience in the field of audits and penetration tests. Our consultants regularly attend international hacker conferences and carry out research for vulnerabilities. This allows us to not only examine your IT solutions for potential security risks on a conceptual level, but we can also detect the technical and organizational vulnerabilities that actually exist and evaluate them appropriately.

We know the latest attacking techniques and methods and regularly find unknown vulnerabilities in malware. Depending on your needs, a penetration test can go far beyond a standard scan. This is why we detect vulnerabilities in supposedly secure systems and applications time and time again that other auditors have overlooked.

Thus you can be sure to find your vulnerabilities and close the gaps before an attacker can find and exploit them.

Audit aspects include:

  • Security of web applications, web services and portals
  • Source code reviews
  • Assessment of mobile apps and embedded devices
  • Network reviews / audits
  • WLAN reviews / audits
  • Cloud check
  • Assessment of mobile devices
  • Insider analyses
  • ISMS assessment, review of processes or guidelines
  • Structural analysis of DMZ structures
  • System security and hardening of servers and endpoints
  • Data protection audits in the context of IT security
  • Social engineering
  • Assessment of special devices, embedded systems and customer products
  • Red Team Exercises
  • 360-degree attack simulation
  • War game (red team vs. blue team)
  • Assessment of the security of applications, services and data in the cloud
  • Mobile app threat assessment
  • Assessment of ICS environments