Endpoint SecurityEndpoint Security

Endpoint Security

In the age of targeted attacks and APTs, the technologies available for the protection of endpoints are in a constant state of flux.

Traditional solutions, such as virus scanners, personal firewalls and hard disk encryption, are becoming less significant and are nowadays provided by the operating system. However, these technologies are barely able to provide effective protection from modern attacks. What is discussed instead are exploit mitigation solutions, security analytics on the endpoint, sandbox technologies and micro-virtualization.

We know every detail about these innovative approaches and their effectiveness, and will gladly assist you with the analysis, design and implementation of appropriate security measures.

In addition, we have excellent knowledge in the field of Windows 10 and are happy to offer our support here, too.

Thanks to our long-standing experience in the field of audits and penetration tests, we are able to examine the system security of your endpoints and harden them appropriately.

This way we ensure that you find your vulnerabilities and close the gaps before an attacker can find and exploit them.