Certified ISO 27035 Lead Incident ManagerCertified ISO 27035 Lead Incident Manager

Certified ISO 27035 Lead Incident Manager

Duration: 4.5 days

In this intensive course participants develop the competence to master a model for implementing an incident management process throughout their organization using the ISO 27035 standard as a reference framework. Based on practical exercises, participants acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to manage information security incidents in time by being familiar with their life cycle. During this training, we will present the ISO 27035 information security incident management standard, a process model for designing and developing an organizational incident management process, and how companies may use the standard. This training is also fully compatible with ISO 27035 which supports ISO 27001 by providing guidance for incident management.

Learning Objectives

  • To understand the concepts, approaches, methods, tools and techniques allowing an effective information security incident management according to ISO 27035
  • To understand, interpret and provide guidance on how to implement and manage incident management processes based on best practices of ISO 27035 and other relevant standards
  • To acquire the competence to implement, maintain and manage an ongoing information security incident management program according to ISO 27035
  • To acquire the competence to effectively advise organizations on the best practices in information security management

Specific content

Day 1: Introduction, incident management framework according to ISO 27035

  • Concepts and definitions related to information security and incident management
  • Incident management standards and best practices
  • Choosing an incident management framework

Day 2: Planning the implementation of an Organizational Incident Management Process based on ISO 27035

  • Incident management strategy and project management
  • Planning the implementation of an effective incident management process
  • Preliminary analysis and selection of an approach and methodology
  • Design and document an incident detection, reporting and management process
  • Defining roles and responsibilities in the context of the implementation and management of an Incident Management Process

Day 3: Implementing an Incident Management Process

  • Define the document and record management processes
  • Incident Management policies & procedures
  • Implementation of security processes and controls related to incident management
  • Change management process
  • Incident analysis processes
  • Effective communication and communication strategies
  • Establish the Information Security Incident Response Team

Day 4: Monitoring, measuring and improving an Incident Management Process

  • Monitoring and evaluating the effectiveness of an incident management process in operation
  • Development of metrics, performance indicators and dashboards
  • Management reviews
  • Implementation of a continual improvement program
  • Develop and propos the best corrective and preventive action plans

Day 5: Certification Exam

Duration: 3 hours 

After successfully completing the “ISO 27035 Lead Incident Manager” exam, participants can apply for the credentials of Certified ISO 27035 Provisional Lead Incident Manager or Certified ISO 27035 Lead Incident Manager, depending on their level of experience.
To maintain the credentials, an annual maintenance fee (AMF) of $100 per certificate has to be paid.

For more information about the exam, please visit: www.pecb.org

Target group:
Incident managers, business process owners, information security risk managers, regulatory compliance managers, members of incident response team, persons responsible for information security or conformity within an organization

A basic knowledge of Information Security Incident Management is recommended

Maximum number of participants: 10 people 

Price: € 2,450 incl. examination fee 

The training is conducted in English by an experienced trainer. The training documents are in English. 

You will receive CPE Points for the participating in the ISO 27035 Lead Incident Manager training. The training takes 36 hours. 

On request

Price: 2,450 € incl. examination fee