IT Security for Strategists and ManagersIT Security for Strategists and Managers

IT Security for Strategists and Managers

Instructor: Stefan Strobel

Duration: 1 day

Traditional seminars on IT security most often address a rather technical audience. As strategic questions for decision makers are often considered only randomly, this seminar has been designed explicitly for strategists.

Without getting lost in the technical details, the seminar provides an overview and definition of security topics, which will allow the participants to make the right decisions. The training will deal with the importance and strategic classification of technologies like firewalls, content security, strong authentication, intrusion detection or trusted operating systems as well as with the requirements on employees, operational aspects and consequential costs resulting from the introduction of the respective fields. 

Target group:
Decision-makers and managers who are not necessarily from the IT sector and do not want to burden themselves with too many technical details. 

General technical understanding 

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Stefan Strobel