Windows 10 Security in EnterprisesWindows 10 Security in Enterprises

Windows 10 Security in Enterprises

Instructors: cirosec consultants 

Duration: 3 days

This three-day training covers the security of the current Windows 10 client operating system. Our experienced trainers present you with security-relevant innovations and their requirements and configuration possibilities as well as with new challenges regarding the management and administration of these clients. Using hands-on exercises and demonstrations based on typical threat scenarios for Windows 10 clients, you will learn how to use the new technologies and possibilities to secure your endpoints.
In this training, we will first discuss typical threat scenarios for Windows clients in their various environments of implementation, such as on laptops during field work or on tower computers in central management. These threat scenarios are contrasted with reasonable hardening and security measures in the course of the training. This allows experienced client administrators to gain a thorough understanding of possible threats, while IT security managers are able to get to know the possibilities of Windows 10.
Presenting important security-relevant innovations, we focus on the possibilities of Windows 10 Enterprise.

The contents cover, for example, the following subject areas:

  • Versioning and updates
  • Security-relevant features in Windows 10
  • Differences between the Windows 10 editions
  • Typical hardening measures in Windows 10
  • Innovations in Windows 10 that are related to data protection
  • Hardware and software requirements for different security features

The following topics are presented with regard to security-relevant innovations:

  • Protection of devices (e.g. BitLocker, TPM)
  • Securing the boot process (e.g. Secure Boot, Trusted Boot, Configurable Code Integrity)
  • Securing the login credentials (e.g. Credential Guard, Windows Hello for Business)
  • Protection at runtime (e.g. Windows Defender, User Account Control, AppLocker)

In addition, we will show the typical organizational and technical challenges for the secure operation of a Windows client environment and discuss possible solutions for the following areas:

  • Basic hardening of Windows 10 clients
    • Microsoft Security Compliance Manager
    • Microsoft Security Compliance Toolkit
    • Microsoft Attack Surface Analyzer
    • Secure administration of endpoints
    • Layered administration
    • Microsoft Local Administrator Password Solution
    • Just Enough Administration

Our training environment enables you to get to know relevant configuration settings and how to handle selected tools. We use common, freely available hacker tools to demonstrate the effects of individual hardening measures and features.

Target group:
Security managers, (client) administrators, SOC members, blue team or red team members and (project) managers in the Windows clients or Windows client security field who are looking for ways to secure their clients.
This training is a perfect supplement to our Hacking Extreme training.

The participants should at least have user experience in the Windows environment. Some exercises require the use of command-line tools such as PowerShell. Where necessary, our trainers are happy to assist with the use of attacking tools and Microsoft tools. The exercises are set up in multiple levels, which means that even experienced administrators will still be challenged, while it is made easy for beginners to understand all contents thanks to our sample solutions.

€ 2,400

This training will be held in German.

November 17 - November 19, 2020 Munich - alternative online

The training course will take place in fine, specially selected hotels:

We will gladly reserve a room for you at a special rate in the hotel where the training course takes place.

We may also gladly offer you the course in form of an in-house training.

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