MitarbeiterMarco Lorenz

Marco Lorenz

Partner and Co-Founder

Marco Lorenz completed his studies in Applied Computer Science at Fulda University of Applied Sciences in 1999 with the thesis "Analysis of Weak Points and Optimization of Network Security at the Karlsruhe Research Center by Means of Firewalls with the Case Example Firewall Toolkit“. He continued specializing in the IT security field by working as a consultant for an IT security solutions provider.

Marco Lorenz has been working at cirosec GmbH since April 2002. His focus is on enterprise scanning, vulnerability management, risk management, mobile security, secure data exchange, traceability of administrative access as well as on the conception, development and implementation of security guidelines. 

He is one of the instructors of the cirosec trainings “Forensics Extreme”, “Hacking Extreme Web Applications”, ”Hacking Extreme” and “Hacking Extreme Buffer Overflows” and he has played a vital role in developing these trainings. Moreover, he is a regular speaker at conferences on various topics.