MitarbeiterMichael Brügge

Michael Brügge

Senior Consultant

After completing his training to be an IT systems technician, Michael Brügge studied Computer Science at Münster University of Applied Sciences. During his studies, he worked as a software engineer and was, for example, involved in implementing the cycling navigation software Naviki. He spent one practical semester abroad in the United States, where he was the head of the development team in a leading IT company. In the context of an international university cooperation, he then did his Bachelor’s thesis on successfully accessing contactless readable smartcards using an NFC-enabled Android device.

To become an IT security expert, Michael Brügge then started the master’s program “IT Security / Networks and Systems” at the University of Bochum, switching to cirosec GmbH for his thesis. In this context, he analyzed and compared standards for penetration testing.

After finishing his studies, he started working as a consultant at cirosec GmbH at the beginning of 2015. His field of activity covers everything from security assessments of web applications and their server infrastructures to the profound testing of internal networks to live-hacking presentations.