ResearchVulnerability in neo42 Sumatra PDF Package

Vulnerability in neo42 Sumatra PDF Package

Sumatra PDF is an open-source PDF reader. The vulnerability was found in the installer for this product shipped by neo42 for Matrix 42 Unified Endpoint Management.

Local privilege escalation vulnerability in neo42 Sumatra PDF Package

The installer package used a folder that was writeable by unprivileged users to store executables. An attacker with access to the system could have manipulated these executables to gain SYSTEM privileges.

The vulnerability was acknowledged and fixed by neo42 within 4 weeks. We want to thank neo42 for their exemplary reaction to the vulnerability report.


Affected Version
neo42 Sumatra PDF Package Version

The vulnerability can be resolved by using the newest version of the installer provided by neo42.

Kolja Grassmann<> 

October 06, 2023: Vulnerability found
October 18, 2023: Manufacturer was contacted and informed about the vulnerability.
October 18, 2023: Initial response from manufacturer.
November 7, 2023: Manufacturer informs us that the issue was resolved.